Goals and Work of the BVH

Our activities are consequently targeted at reducing the number of hand injuries and skin diseases. In addition to that we communicate at various levels in the area of work safety. The BVH informs across manufacturers on possibilities and limitations of protective gloves and skin protection products and offers practicable solutions for occupational hand- and skin protection.

The BVH is in constant contact with independent experts and therefore possesses up-to-date information on regulative and technical innovations in the area of occupational hand- and skin-safety. The documents of the information series give objective information on important topics ranging from legal requirements, standards, risk analyses to technical material and product information.

Furthermore, the BVH offers support in fulfilling accident-insurance-companies' demands and legal requirements for the assessment and evaluation of risks as well as the provision and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Main issues of our activities:

  • Active co-operation in national / European product standardization
  • Communication and support according to DIN NPS
  • Communication with the legislative body, the employers' liability insurance associations and the committee for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Co-operation and active collaboration with umbrella organizations for PPE such as German Association for Technical Trade (Verband Technischer Handel VTH e. V.), Association of German Safety Engineers (Verband Deutscher Sicherheitsingenieure VDSI e. V.), German Society for Occupational Hygiene (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Arbeitshygiene DGAH e. V.)
  • Communication with scientists and opinion leaders in the area of occupational medicine and safety
  • Initiation and support of scientific basic groundwork
  • Market analysis and analysis of operational accident
The BVH offers you a single point of contact for an uncomplicated and free of charge access to the advice of experts. We are there for you to answer all your questions on hand- and skin safety!

Bundesverband Handschutz e.V.
Management and Board of Executives January 2010